'Jessica Jones' Teaser: The Purple Man Speaks

So far, all of the promos for Netflix's Jessica Jones have focused on its eponymous heroine, played by Krysten Ritter, and her mysterious nocturnal lifestyle. But the new one changes tack to give her archnemesis a bit of airtime. Hear David Tennant as Kilgrave (a.k.a. the Purple Man) in the new Jessica Jones teaser after the jump. 

Netflix shared the Jessica Jones teaser on Twitter.

Notably, this is the first Jessica Jones teaser that actually shows her face. It's also the first time we actually get to hear one of the characters speak. Hopefully this means we're getting close to a real Jessica Jones trailer, with actual footage from the show.

Based on the first stills, it looks like this show's version of the Purple Man is regular-human-colored. (At least at first — maybe he gets his grape coating later on.) But clearly, that doesn't make him any less creepy. Just the way he breathes her name in this teaser should be enough to send a chill down anyone's spine.

Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe often strays from its comic book source material, the exact nature of Jessica and Kilgrave's relationship is unclear. We do know, however, that he's a figure with ties to Jessica's past, and that he "sends shockwaves" through her life when he resurfaces.

All 13 episodes of Jessica Jones will hit November 20 at 12:01 AM Pacific Time, because Netflix hates the East Coast. Also starring are Carrie-Anne Moss as Harper and Mike Colter as Luke Cage (who debuts here before heading up his own Netflix show next year). Rosario Dawson returns from Daredevil as Claire Temple.

Taking place after a tragic ending to her short-lived super hero stint, the new series follows Jessica Jones as she rebuilds her personal life and career as a detective who gets pulled into cases involving people with extraordinary abilities in New York City.