Cool Stuff: JC Richard's Indiana Jones Print "Well Of Souls"

Bottleneck Gallery is teaming up with Acme Archives and Lucasfilm for an Indiana Jones print from artist JC Richard. If you've been reading /Film for any length of time, then you'll remember the name JC Richard as he is one of our favorite pop culture artists. I personally have a bunch of JC's prints on my walls, including his amazing Raiders of the Lost Ark print "The Map Room".

The new print titled "Well of Souls" takes JC Richard' signature widescreen framing and puts it into vertical. Find out more information about the JC Richard Indiana Jones print "Well of Souls" after the jump.

JC Richard Indiana Jones Print "Well Of Souls"

JC Richard indiana jones well of souls

The print is sized 12 x 36 inches, and comes signed and numbered by JC Richard in an edition of 225. Here is a bunch of close-up images of "Well of Souls" by JC Richard:

The JC Richard Indiana Jones print "Well of Souls" will go on sale today (September 9th 2015) for only $50 at 12pm eastern at Act fast as JC Richard's artwork is extremely popular and this print will likely sell out quick.

And for those of you who haven't seen it yet, here is a look at JC Richard's previous Indiana Jones print "The Map Room" which is sold out.

jc richard the map room indiana jones