Cool Stuff: Limited Edition Marty McFly Skateboard Replica

Earlier this week, we told you about the amazing "We're Going Back" 30th Anniversary Back to the Future celebration which will be held in Los Angeles this October. As part of that celebration, "We're Going Back" has been granted the rights to manufacture a Limited Edition Madrid/Valterra Skateboard, which is the skateboard Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) rides in the 1985 scenes of the film. Find out more details on the Marty McFly skateboard replica, after the jump.


The 30th Anniversary Final Collector's Limited Edition Madrid/Valterra McFly Skateboard is officially licensed by Universal Studios, Madrid and Valterra. It is now available for preorder from WereGoingBack for $300. Thats not cheap, but for a big fan it may be worth it. Here is the official information:

Don't wait, this board will only be available for an extremely limited time! In exactly two months from today (August 25th, 2015) on October 25th, 2015, we will stop taking orders and the 30th Anniversary Final Collector's Edition Madrid/Valterra McFly skateboards will become Back to the Future history...

This is it. The big one, the one we've all been waiting for! This is the final reissue of the highly requested Marty McFly Madrid/Valterra skateboard. For the 30th Anniversary of Back to the Future, We're Going Back has gone to great lengths to create the most screen-accurate McFly board possible. We finally answered one of the greatest BTTF prop mysteries of all time when we located Marty McFly's original, screen-used hero Valterra/Madrid skateboard prop! We put it to work and completely redesigned the 30th Anniversary boards to match every possible detail, and we've returned to our friends at Madrid Skateboards to manufacture these officially licensed skateboards exclusively for We're Going Back. These boards will be the most accurate replicas of Marty McFly's hero Valterra/Madrid skateboard ever created and will include redesigned Madrid decals. The new, hyper-accurate boards are currently in production, so the photos on this page show the also epic 2010 boards (except for the We're Going Back exclusive photo of Marty's screen-used hero board!).

Note: This is a pre-order. The window for accepting orders for these boards is just two short months, so we are making them available for purchase immediately! Boards will be shipped with numbered COA's as they are completed. If you will be attending We're Going Back this October, you can elect to save on shipping and pick up your board at the event! Otherwise, expect shipping to begin in early October and continue until all of the orders are fulfilled. What a great time to be a fan of Back to the Future!