'Sinister 2' Director Ciarán Foy Will Make Ireland-Set Thriller 'The Shee'

The director of Citadel and Sinister 2 has made a new deal with Blumhouse to direct a thriller set in his native Ireland. Ciarán Foy will make The Shee, an "elevated thriller" that features supernatural elements presumably from Irish folklore about faeries.

Deadline first reported the news, saying,

Set in 1960's Ireland, The Shee is the story of a troubled young woman who must confront her violent and tragic past when she travels to a remote island.

While the whole "elevated thriller" tag is a silly term that is being thrown around more and more often, and in this case we'll read it as indicating a character thriller that has some supernatural elements.

"Shee" is a simplified writing of "Sídhe," originally the name for the mound of earth said to be the home of faeries in the Irish countryside, and a term which eventually came to mean the faeries themselves. With quite a few varieties of faerie existing in old folklore, there are any number of options as to which might inspire this film. So while we don't know the precise story here, it seems pretty clear that we can expect some interesting ideas from folklore to percolate through the script.

In fact, before doing Citadel, Foy made a well-received short film called The Faeries of Blackheath Woods, in 2006, which features a young girl running into real faeries. There's no indication that this new film and the short are related beyond having the common elements of Foy as a creator, and folklore as an inspiration. Watch The Faeries of Blackheath Woods here: