Video: What Would 'Spectre' Look Like Starring Roger Moore Instead Of Daniel Craig?

Everyone's got an opinion on which James Bond is the best James Bond, and for some people Roger Moore outranks the likes of Daniel Craig. For those folks, one ingenious YouTube user has cut together a version of the Spectre trailer that features Moore as 007. Watch the Roger Moore Spectre trailer after the jump. 

Mars VFX posted the Roger Moore Spectre trailer.

It's not perfect. The Roger Moore era ended 30 years ago, and it's impossible not to notice how different the older footage looks from the newer stuff. Still, it all hangs together better than you might expect and offers an entertaining little thought exercise. What would Spectre look like if it starred Moore instead of Craig? Still pretty damn entertaining, as it turns out.

Oh, and if you're wondering what Moore himself thinks of his "return" as Bond, it seems he approves: