Watch: Kyle Chandler Returns As Coach Taylor In Alamo Drafthouse PSA

Kyle Chandler currently stars in Bloodline on Neflix, but his best-loved character will probably always be Coach Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights. Recently, he reprised that signature role to draw attention to a very important issue: jerks who talk and text during movies.

Watch the Coach Taylor Alamo Drafthouse PSA after the jump. 

The Coach Taylor Alamo Drafthouse PSA debuted on YouTube. The Alamo Drafthouse famously has a zero-tolerance policy toward talkers and texters. We're guessing the Friday Night Lights cast and crew are intimately acquainted with that fact, since the show used to shoot in the Austin area.

Arguably no one in the history of television gives better inspirational speeches than Coach Taylor. However, even his humble eloquence is no match for an audience too distracted by cell phones and chatter to pay attention.

Fortunately, the only thing Coach Taylor is better at than inspirational speeches is making people feel bad for letting him down. I defy any Friday Night Lights fan to risk talking during a movie and raising Coach's ire.