The Best Movies Coming To And Leaving Netflix In August 2015

Make the most of the lazy days of late summer by catching up on your Netflix queue. We've got a rundown of the best films coming to and leaving the streaming service next month, plus highlights from the upcoming Amazon Prime and Hulu slates. Hit the jump to find out what titles you should look out for.

The Best Movies Leaving Netflix in August 2015

Barbershop (August 1): The charming, low-key comedy that launched a franchise.BarbershopBeauty Shop (August 1): A distaff spinoff of the aforementioned Barbershop franchise.Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (August 1): An old-fashioned family musical based on the book by Ian Fleming (yes, that Ian Fleming).Face/Off (August 1): John Travolta and Nic Cage literally act their faces off in this John Woo classic.FaceOffJoe Dirt (August 1): How else will you understand the nuances of Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, released earlier this month?Pumping Iron (August 1): The bodybuilding docudrama that helped turn Arnold Schwarzenegger into a household name.The Fifth Element (August 1): Luc Besson's vision of the future is unabashedly weird and gleefully silly.The Fifth ElementTitanic (August 1): Yes, the Celine Dion song sucks. But the epic action holds up, as does Leonardo DiCaprio's boyish charm.Unbreakable (August 1): Still a standout of the superhero movie genre, even if the ending is the definition of "cinematic blue balls."unbreakable tv showJiro Dreams of Sushi (August 23): Make sure to watch this foodie documentary on a full stomach.


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The Best Movies Coming to Netflix in August 2015

Casting By (August 1): This documentary shines a light on a crucial yet overlooked role in the film biz.Dancing on the Edge (August 1): Chiwetel Ejiofor got an Emmy nom for this British TV drama about a black jazz band in the 1930s.Dancing On The Edge 2012The Hurt Locker (August 1): The Iraq War drama that beat Avatar at the Oscars and made Jeremy Renner a thing.Doctor Who, Season 8 (August 6): The Doctor regenerates in the form of Peter Capaldi.Club de Cuervos (August 7): Netflix's first Spanish-language original is a dramedy about the feuding heirs of a pro soccer team.

Welcome to Me (August 8): Kristen Wiig puts in a sensitive performance as a lottery winner with Borderline Personality Disorder.Two Days, One Night (August 8): Marion Cotillard earned a Best Actress nomination for this powerful social drama.Alex of Venice (August 15): Chris Messina goes from starring in indie dramas to starring in and directing them.Alex of VenicePariah (August 16): An emotionally authentic coming-of-age indie about a marginalized young woman.PariahSeeking a Friend for the End of the World (August 16): Steve Carell and Keira Knightley make an unlikely connection in unlikely circumstances.Girl Meets World, Season 1 (August 23): The TGIF fave gets a worthy successor.Byzantium (August 27): Neil Jordan revisits the vampire genre with this moody, grown-up drama.ByzantiumWhite God (August 27): A mistreated dog bites back in one of the year's most unusual thrillers.Narcos (August 28): Netflix's original series stars Boyd Holbrook and Pedro Pascal as DEA agents after drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

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The Best Movies Coming to Amazon Prime in August 2015

Unforgiven (August 4): Clint Eastwood further solidified his place in the Western canon with this uncompromising entry.Curb Your Enthusiasm, all seasons (August 6): For those who think Hulu's Seinfeld is too soft and easy.Curb Your EnthusiasmMy Best Friend's Wedding (August 6): If you're a sucker for Julia Roberts' million-watt smile, you can't go wrong with this romcom.A Most Violent Year (August 7): Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain lead J.C. Chandor's underrated American dream drama.A Most Violent YearGett: Trial of Viviane Amsalen (August 12): An intense, critically acclaimed drama about the process of Jewish religious divorce.Timbuktu (August 22): This 2015 Best Foreign Film Oscar nominee earned raves for its sobering humanism.Timbuktu trailerKumiko, The Treasure Hunter (August 23): Rinko Kikuchi leads this odd, gorgeous drama about a woman after the Fargo treasure.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (August 28): Now you won't have to pay money to watch Hollywood ruin your childhood.Here are all the movies and shows coming to Amazon Prime in August 2015.You're the Worst

The Best Movies Coming to Hulu in August 2015

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (August 1): One of Woody Allen's early hits.Difficult People, Series Premiere (August 5): Hulu's original comedy series produced by Amy Poehler and starring Billy Eichner.Difficult PeopleFun Size Horror (August 6): You're bound to find a piece of candy that suits your tastes in this collection of 21 horror shorts.Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories, Season 1 (August 8): Don't count on Tim and Eric's horror-comedy anthology to lull you to sleep.You're the Worst, Season 1 (August 10): Catch up with FX's lovably cynical romcom before Season 2 debuts in September.Here are all the movies and shows coming to Hulu in August 2015.