Is Marvel's Phase Three Connected Via A Black Hood Of Death? [Wacky Film Theory]

I love wacky film theories. It doesn't matter to me that the filmmakers most likely didn't intend these interpretations, but I find it interesting the connections some people make within the movies they enjoy. It could be as ridiculous as a one line cue which leads some people to believe that Chris Pratt's character in Jurassic World could be the young boy from Jurassic Park, how all Pixar movies exist within the same universe, that Stan Lee Is Playing the Same Character in All His Marvel Cameos, or even us trying to predict the future with a theory on How The Marvel Cinematic Story Might Connect Through Phase 3. Or it could be a much more well reasoned theory, like an explanation of why Top Gun is a deeper movie than you think.

Over the weekend I received an email from a /Film reader named Andy from the UK. He has a theory that all of the Marvel Phase Two movies feature a huge easter egg that we've all been missing: the black hood of death. This theory falls on the more ridiculous end of the spectrum but I still find the observation fun. And at very least, this shows that Marvel is over-using the black hood "in disguise" cliche in phase two. Hit the jump to read Andy's Marvel black hood of death theory.

Black Hood Of DeathI present Andy's e-mail without further comment:

Dear SlashFilm,

I am a long time fan of your site and run a comic shop in the U.K. As you can imagine I often find myself debating themes in the Marvel Movies of which I'm a huge fan. I wanted to point out something that I believe is a HUGE Thanos related Easter egg that runs through every phase two movie.


tony stark hood toy

yes, this is a photo of a toy, we couldn't find a screen grab from the film

Iron Man 3. – Tony Stark ( who has cheated death in Iron Man ) wears a black hood whilst seeking refuge once his suit is destroyed.

captain america in a hood

Cap 2 – Cap ( who has cheated death ) visits the hospital where Nick Fury is pronounced dead ( a false death ) killed by the Winter Soldier ( who has cheated death ). He is wearing a black hood as a disguise.


Thor 2 – Thor, whilst attending his mother's funeral, wears a black hood.

star lord

again, screen capture  unavailable

GOTG – Star Lord disguises himself as an enemy soldier in their uniform, which incorporates a black hood.

again, image unavailable

again, screen capture unavailable

Age Of Ultron – Thor visits Dr. Erik Selvig, seeking help. He disguises himself in a black hood. Selvig comments on his disguise being conspicuous.

Marvel Black Hood Of Death Theory

Ant-Man – I have to be honest, I haven't seen Ant-Man ( too busy selling Nick Spencer's impressive new run in the comics at the moment! ) I have however seen the first promo still of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang. He is wearing a black hood.

Avengers: Infinity War villain

Thanos doesn't hate the Avengers. He loves them. They are Death.

After all, as stated in the Avengers' post credit scene,

"To challenge them, is to court death"

What do you guys think? Will Thanos "get the girl"?

Thanks for putting so much time and care into the site. I can't begin to list the number of great films and shows that would have passed me by without it.

All the best,