Netflix's A Series Of Unfortunate Events Teaser Trailer: The Devil's In The Details [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Alas, the A Series of Unfortunate Events teaser trailer has been revealed as a fake. Original story follows.

Last year, we got the very fortunate news that Netflix was fast-tracking a series based on Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. For fans, that meant a second chance to see the beloved books brought to life, following the little-loved 2004 movie starring Jim Carrey.

It'll be a little while yet before we see if this attempt pans out any better than the last one did. But the first promo, at least, is very promising, with a deliciously creepy vibe that should feel familiar to book readers. Watch the A Series of Unfortunate Events teaser trailer after the jump.

The new A Series of Unfortunate Events teaser trailer debuted on YouTube. While there's no actual footage from the show, there's plenty other stuff to look at.

Published between 1996 and 2006, A Series of Unfortunate Events centers around three children, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire. After their parents perish in a house fire, they're sent to live with a distant relative called Count Olaf, who'll do anything to keep the Baudelaire fortune for himself.

The A Series of Unfortunate Events teaser is chock full of references and Easter eggs to the book series, starting with its source. The video was posted by "Eleanora Poe," editor-in-chief of The Daily Punctilio (a copy of which can be seen in the video). She also happens to be the sister of Arthur Poe, who oversees the Baudelaire orphans' affairs.

From there, we also see Violet's ribbon, Klaus' eyeglasses, a Lachrymose leech, curiously titled books (How to Start Fires, Mushroom Minutiae, etc.), an evil-looking crow, and lots of eyes, all leading up to Count Olaf's sinister shadow.

But even if you're totally unfamiliar with the books, the teaser works as a mood-setter. You don't need to know the specific references and callouts to understand the dark Gothic tone. And you can see the details as clues about what's to come.

In a statement last year, Snicket (real name: Daniel Handler) offered his thoughts on the upcoming series. "I can't believe it," he said. "After years of providing top-quality entertainment on demand, Netflix is risking its reputation and its success by associating itself with my dismaying and upsetting books."