LOL: Amy Schumer Skewers Disney Princess Fantasies

It seems like everyone's hopping on the live-action fairy tale bandwagon these days. We've already seen a new Cinderella, a new Sleeping Beauty, and two different Snow Whites; the next few years will also bring updated versions of Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, and Mulan.

In fact, even Amy Schumer is getting in on the trend... though in typical Amy Schumer form, her live-action fairy tale turns out to be less "sweet and fanciful" and more "hilarious and upsetting." Watch the Inside Amy Schumer fairy tale sketch after the jump.

Really, the most fantasy-worthy part of this princess' life is the fact that she has Tim Freaking Gunn as her royal advisor. Who wouldn't want the Project Runway guru giving them life advice at every turn?