The Best Movies Coming To And Leaving Netflix In July 2015

To get the most out of your Netflix (or Amazon, or Hulu) subscription, it helps to know which films you need to watch before they disappear — and which films you should add to your queue when they arrive. After the jump, find out which films are coming and going from Netflix next month. Plus, get highlights from Amazon and Hulu's upcoming slate.

The Best Movies Leaving Netflix in July 2015

Big Fish (July 1): Tim Burton spins a poignant and fantastical fathers-and-sons tale.Big FishCast Away (July 1): Honestly, I'm surprised how often Wilson the volleyball still gets referenced.Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (July 1): Remember when a Johnny Depp movie used to be cause for celebration?Fear and Loathing in Las VegasFour Weddings and a Funeral (July 1): A much-loved work from romcom master Richard Curtis.Louis C.K.: Hilarious (July 1): Louis C.K. doing his righteous old crank thing just before Louie hit FX.Louis CK HilariousMoonstruck (July 1): Cher and Nic Cage lead an all-time classic of the romantic comedy genre.Natural Born Killers: Director's Cut (July 1): Perhaps Oliver Stone's most controversial film — which is really saying something.She's All That (July 1): A '90s teen favorite, featuring a choreographed prom dance sequence because why not.She's All ThatSuper Troopers (July 1): More fun than chugging maple syrup or slipping meows into casual conversation.Terminator 2: Judgment Day (July 1): Leaving Netflix just as the new Terminator arrives in theaters.Terminator 2 Judgment DayThe Muppets Take Manhattan (July 1): Kermit and friends put on a show.Three Kings (1999): David O. Russell's satirical Gulf War comedy starring George Clooney.Three KingsCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (July 4): Revisit Ang Lee's wuxia classic before the Ang Lee-less sequel hits Netflix in August.The Last Stand (July 6): South Korean filmmaker Kim Jee-Woon makes his directorial debut, with Arnold Schwarzenegger in tow.


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Serena with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

The Best Movies Coming to Netflix in July 2015

An Honest Liar (July 1): A widely praised documentary about world-famous magician and escape artist James "the Amazing" Randi.Faults (July 4): Mary Elizabeth Winstead leads Riley Stearns' promising feature debut.FaultsSerena (July 9): Who knew it was even possible for a Jennifer Lawrence-Bradley Cooper movie to bomb so badly?Chris Tucker Live (July 10): Chris Tucker's first full-length standup special, exclusively on Netflix.Creep (July 14): Mark Duplass isn't what he seems to be in a creepy SXSW hit.Creep trailerLost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau (July 14): An entertaining doc about a legendarily terrible movie.Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (July 15): Here's what Spike Lee did with all that Kickstarter money.Penguins of Madagascar (July 15): The Madagascar franchise's most memorable supporting players get a starring turn.THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCARChangeling (July 16): Clint Eastwood directs Angelina Jolie in a tragic tale inspired by true events.BoJack Horseman: Season 2 (July 17): The "funniest show about depression ever" returns for a second season.Bojack HorsemanTig (July 17): A documentary about comedian Tig Notaro's legendary 2012 standup set at the Largo.The Guest (July 25): Downton Abbey's Cousin Matthew shows off his dangerous side in one of 2014's best thrillers.Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (July 31): David Wain's star-studded cast reunites for a loopy prequel.Here's a list of all the shows coming to and leaving Netflix in July.


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The Best Movies Coming to Amazon Prime in July 2015

48 Hrs. (July 1): Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy (in his first film role) team up for a buddy cop movie.Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (July 1): Paul Newman and Robert Redford's bromance never gets old.Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidCadillac Records (July 1): Beyoncé, Mos Def, and Jeffrey Wright provide the soundtrack for this late '60s drama.Dirty Dancing (July 1): Get swept up in a summer romance without ever leaving your living room.Dirty DancingOdd Couple (July 1): Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau's comic chemistry still crackles.Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (July 1): One of the better liked Star Trek movies.UHF (July 1): Weird Al's cult classic was, perhaps not surprisingly, a bit too weird for its time.The Warriors (July 1): Another critically panned movie that went on to become a cult hit.The WarriorsGlory (July 2): 26 years later, it remains one of Denzel Washington's all-time greatest performances.Gandhi (July 3): The performance that got Ben Kingsley his Oscar.Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (July 3): Still the political satire against which all other political satires are measured.Dr StrangeloveHercules (July 24): On the one hand, it's directed by Brett Ratner. On the other, it stars Dwayne Johnson.Behind the Candelabra (July 30): The future Hank Pym puts in a remarkable performance as Liberace.Behind the CandelabraEntourage (July 30): Sometimes you just need to escape into a Hollywood bro fantasy.The Skeleton Twins (July 31): SNL-ers Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig reunite for a bittersweet dramedy.Here's a list of all the films and movies coming to Amazon Prime in July.Y Tu Mama Tambien

The Best Movies Coming to Hulu in July 2015

After the Wedding (July 1): Before that Serena flop, Susanne Bier won high praise with this drama starring Mads Mikkelsen.Annie Hall (July 1): Woody Allen's filmography can be hit or miss, but here's him at his very best.Annie HallThe Escapist (July 1): The debut feature that led Rupert Wyatt to Rise of the Planet of the Apes.Fargo (1996): Marge Gunderson remains one of the Coens' most indelible creations.FargoLife During Wartime (2009): Todd Solondz's semi-sequel to Happiness.Lost in La Mancha (2002): Terry Gilliam's Don Quixote hasn't been made (yet), but a documentary about it was.Sleepwalk with Me (2012): Comedian Mike Birbiglia takes his act to the big screen.Passing Strange (2009): A live performance of the acclaimed Broadway musical, filmed by Spike Lee.Passing StrangeSuper (July 1): James Gunn's pre-Guardians of the Galaxy superhero movie.The Trip (2010): Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon embark on a hilarious trip through the English countryside.WarGames (1983): A film so enduringly popular, even Captain America gets the reference.WargamesWeekend (July 1): A tender indie drama about a one-night stand that turns into something more.Y Tu Mamá También (July 1): Alfonso Cuarón nails the exhilaration and awkwardness of young adulthood.Prime Suspect (July 9): Helen Mirren as a badass police detective.Here's a list of all the shows and films coming to Hulu in July.