Walter White Will Appear In 'Better Call Saul', But Not In Season 2

You can expect Bryan Cranston's Walter White to stop by the Breaking Bad spinoff / prequel Better Call Saul at some point. Just not in Season 2. "It would be a shame if the show had its run — hopefully a very long run — and he never appeared," said series co-creator Vince Gilligan. More about the possible Better Call Saul Walter White appearance after the jump.

"It would be great to see Walter White on Better Call Saul," Gilligan told the New York Daily News. However, he wouldn't say when Walter might drop by, only that it wouldn't be in Season 2. "I have to be coy," he said, continuing:

All of the wonderful characters who may eventually appear on Better Call Saul will appear when it is most organic and fitting to the storytelling of Better Caul Saul and also when we can work out scheduling issues with actors. I would love to see that personally.

Other than Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman, very few characters have made the leap from one show to the other. Mike Ehrmentraut (played by Jonathan Banks) is the only other Breaking Bad character with a major role in Better Call Saul. In addition, Tuco and his henchmen (played by Raymond Cruz, Cesar Garcia, and Jesus Payan Jr.) appeared guest-starred earlier this season.

Narratively, there's no obvious way to bring Walter White into the show. He and Saul Goodman don't meet until Season 2 of Breaking Bad, which takes place several years after the events of Better Call Saul. But it wouldn't be impossible for them to cross paths briefly at some point. Or perhaps Walt could figure into a flashforward, like the one that opened the first episode.

While Gilligan figures out a way to get Cranston back in front of the camera for Better Call Saul, he admits he'd love to get Cranston back behind the camera as well. "We are greedy because we would love to see Bryan direct an episode aside from acting in it at some point," he said. As with his potential cameo, though, it'll be a matter of scheduling.