LOL: Bryce Dallas Howard Offers A Musical Reminder That She's Not Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain seems to be everywhere this year: rattling around a haunted house in Crimson Peak, shooting off into outer space in The Martian, running from dinos in Jurassic World. The operative word there being "seems." Jurassic World actually stars Bryce Dallas Howard, not Jessica Chastain, though a great many people seem unable to tell the difference.

To prove once and for all that they're two separate people — and to help everyone figure out which is which — Howard and Chastain have taken to social media to unleash a friendly musical reminder. Except it might just make things worse. Watch the Jessica Chastain Bryce Dallas Howard video after the jump. 

Earlier this week, Legolambs served up a cute little ditty called Jessica Chastain: The Musical, in which a singer (not Howard, but pretending to be Howard) declares, "I am not Jessica Chastain!"

Fake Bryce Dallas Howard's frustration is understandable (and Real Bryce Dallas Howard probably feels similarly), but it's unclear whether this video is really helping matters. As the video goes on, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish the Chastain footage from the Howard footage.

Ironically, the only time it's really easy to tell them apart is in The Help (pictured above), which stars both of them. Chastain was sporting a platinum blond wig, whereas Howard stuck with auburn.

Anyway, the song made its way to the real Chastain and Howard, who decided to run with it. Howard shot a Dubsmash video of herself lip-synching the song... which was posted via Chastain's Instagram. Oy. It's getting confusing again.

Howard, for her part, says she's flattered by the Chastain comparisons. "It's such a compliment, you know? It's funny: when I don't wear makeup, nobody ever mistakes me for Jess, but whenever I put makeup on and look half-presentable, it's, 'Ah! Jessica Chastain,'" she told Us Weekly.

And it's not just fans who get the two confused. "My kids are the only ones who have not mistaken me for Jessica Chastain," Howard continued. "I cannot say the same for my parents, though."