'21 Jump Street' Spin-Off Brings In 'Bob's Burgers' Writers

There's good news and weird news. The 21 Jump Street spin-off that Sony is developing with female lead characters just got two great new writers: sisters Lizzie and Wendy Molyneux, who have been writers (and eventually producers) on Bob's Burgers since the show's beginning. They'll work on a script for the film, which is among the Sony developments that was announced in the wake of the hacking scandal that brought many of the studio's raw ideas into the spotlight.

But there are already writers working on the film, and that's where the weird news comes in.

Actually, it isn't even entirely weird any longer, but the writers originally hired for this spin-off, Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs of the whacked-out and madly funny Broad City, are doing a parallel draft.

THR has the news about the Molyneux script, but there are no details about how Sony plans to reconcile the two. Most likely, one script will be chosen over the other, but there's always a chance it will be more tricky than that. All we know is that the Molyneux pitch got Sony's attention, so they're moving forward with their idea.

We're seeing more parallel script developments of late, with Wonder Woman being the most high-profile example, with five writers working on drafts. Or perhaps it's better to say that we're hearing about them more often. A Warner Bros. exec recently explained the studio's approach to having many writers on the same film simultaneously:

On some projects, we have multiple writers working together. In some cases, we put writers together who have never been a team together. And sometimes, there is only one writer whose voice is right. In the case of Wonder Woman, the right approach was to have writers pitching different scenes within the framework we created.

That's the WB approach; Sony's might differ. When we know more about which script will move forward, you'll know, too.