VOTD: /Film's Germain Lussier Competes On 'Movie Fights'

This is a bit self-serving but, screw it, we think it's fun. Last week, I was asked by the team at Screen Junkies to participate on Movie Fights, their weekly internet game show where three people argue about specific movie topics. The show is incredibly popular, generally getting over 500,000 views on each episode. Since this episode's debut on Sunday, I've had hundreds of people message me on Twitter about the appearance.

Movie Fights goes like this. Three panelists are presented with topics and we then argue for our individual points. A judge then chooses a winner, and whoever has the most points at the end, wins. There's also a speed round at the end. Simple concept, but a lot of fun. On my episode, we discussed the merits of the Point Break trailer, Tomorrowland, which Disney character should get their own movie (based off our article on the topic), which movie flop needs a remake, what movie needs a tie-in video game and what is the best high school movie of all time.

Below, you can watch my episode of Screen Junkies Movie Fights.

Thanks again to Screen Junkies for the invite. And if you have an interest in hearing anyone or two arguments in particular (it's a long episode, over an hour), here's the break down:

  • 0:05:11 FIGHT 1 – Point Break Trailer – Love or Hate it?
  • 0:16:16 FIGHT 2 – Tomorrowland: See it, Rent it, or Skip it?
  • 0:28:08 FIGHT 3 – Which Disney character deserves a spin-off?
  • 0:37:05 FIGHT 4 – Which movie flop needs to be remade?
  • 0:47:55 FIGHT 5 – Which movie needs a tie-in video game?
  • 0:56:14 FIGHT 6 – Best High School Movie?
  • 1:05:52 FIGHT 7 – Speed Round
  • Thanks to my competitors Spencer Gilbert (who helps write those Honest Trailers you love to hate) and the incredibly popular Andre Meadows. Also the hosts Andy Signore and Dan Murrell. I look forward to evening out my record in the future.