The Best Movies Coming To And Leaving Netflix In June 2015

The bright, hot days of summer are finally upon is, and that means it's the perfect time to seclude yourself in a curtained, air-conditioned room and watch some movies. First, catch up on some of the classics leaving Netflix in June 2015; once you've cleared a bit of space in your queue, you can fill it back up with some of the best films coming to Netflix (and Hulu, and Amazon) in June 2015.

After the jump, the best of the Netflix June 2015 release schedule, plus highlights from the upcoming Hulu and Amazon calendar.

The Best Movies Coming to Netflix in June 2015

The Aviator (June 1): Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio team up for a sweeping Howard Hughes biopic.Sense8 (June 5): The Wachowskis are at it again with a globe-spanning sci-fi drama series.

On the Road (June 6): Jack Kerouac's 1957 iconic American novel finally gets adapted for the screen.Nightcrawler (June 10): Featuring a career-best performance by Jake Gyllenhaal.Jake Gyllenhaal in NightcrawlerRosewater (June 10): Here's the film that sent Jon Stewart away from The Daily Show in summer 2013.Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Season 2 (June 11): Catch up on the latest small-screen MCU shenanigans before July's Ant-Man.Orange Is the New Black, Season 3 (June 12): The inmates of Litchfield Correctional get up to no good, again.

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer (June 15): Chronicling the court case of Russian feminist punk rock group Pussy Riot.Lee Daniels' The Butler (June 16): Come for the moving real-life drama, stay for the bizarre presidential impressions.Two Days, One Night (June 16): Starring Marion Cotillard in one of the best performances of 2014.A Most Wanted Man (June 19): One of the last performances by the late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman.A Most Wanted ManCake (June 20): Jennifer Aniston got so series, she secured a Screen Actors Guild nomination.Beyond the Lights (June 24): Gugu Mbatha-Raw leads an underrated romantic drama for grown-ups.Beyond the LightsWhat Happened, Miss Simone? (June 26): Netflix debuts a documentary about iconic musician Nina Simone.

Want still more movies? Here's the full list of films coming to Netflix in June 2015.

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The Best Movies Leaving Netflix in June 2015

Bram Stoker's Dracula (June 1): Gary Oldman leads Francis Ford Coppola's deliciously baroque retelling.Ever After: A Cinderella Story (June 1): Drew Barrymore gives an old fairy tale a modern spin.Ever AfterLast Action Hero (June 1): Arnold Schwarzenegger goes meta in this 1993 cult favorite.Rain Man (June 1): Yuppie Tom Cruise hangs out with autistic Dustin Hoffman.The Rocketeer (June 1): Before Captain America: The First Avenger, Joe Johnston delivered this retro adventure.The RocketeerSilence of the Lambs (June 1): Nothing cuts through the summer heat like a chill down your spine.Snatch (June 1): Guy Ritchie's stylish crime comedy starring Brad Pitt and Jason Statham.Tank Girl (June 1): Another critically panned flop that went on to achieve cult classic status.Triplets of Belleville (June 1): If you miss the 2D animated films of yore, don't miss this gorgeous oddity.Waking Life (June 1): Richard Linklater gets philosophical in a dreamily animated, one-of-a-kind feature.The Waking LifeCrash (June 6): Maybe it's time to revisit the race drama now that the Brokeback outrage has died down.Amadeus (June 20): Music geniuses engage in a rivalry in 18th century Austria.AmadeusLonesome Dove (June 20): This Western epic is one of the most acclaimed TV miniseries ever.Biutiful (June 28): Remember how miserable Alejandro González Iñárritu used to be before Birdman?Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (June 30): It's exactly what the title says, and it is delightful.Hansel and Gretel Witch HuntersJack Reacher (June 30): How else will you understand the just-announced Jack Reacher 2?Steel Magnolias (June 30): Break out the tissues for this beloved Southern weepie.Taxi Driver (June 30): One of the greatest movies from one of our greatest directors.Taxi DriverHere's the full list of films leaving Netflix in June 2015.

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Apocalypse Now

The Best Movies Coming to Amazon Prime in June 2015

Apocalypse Now (June 1): Francis Ford Coppola's Vietnam War classic.Apocalypse Now Redux (June 1): Francis Ford Coppola's Vietnam War classic, plus another 47 minutes.Island of Dr. Moreau (June 1): If only so you can catch up with the latest ep of How Did This Get Made.Roman Holiday (June 1): Join Audrey Hepburn on an Italian adventure without paying for a plane ticket.Roman HolidaySeven Psychopaths (June 1): In Bruges' Martin McDonagh and Colin Farrell reteam for another black comedy.The Shining (June 1): 35 years later, still one of the creepiest films ever made.Sid & Nancy (June 1): Gary Oldman goes punk rock to chronicle a destructive real-life romance.Sid and NancySomething Wild (June 1): Here's the Ray Liotta performance that led to his casting in Goodfellas.Sucker Punch (June 1): If nothing else, Zack Snyder's violent spectacle probably makes for a pretty screensaver.Sucker PunchTroll 2 (June 1): The film so famously terrible, it inspired its own feature documentary.The Mist (June 27): Frank Darabont follows Shawshank and Green Mile with more Stephen King.Here's everything coming to Amazon Prime in June 2015.

The Best Shows Coming to Hulu in June 2015

Over the Garden Wall (June 7): An oddball animated miniseries about two brothers in a strange forest.The Bridge, Season 2 (June 9): Catch the second and last season of FX's cross-border drama.The Bridge Season 2The Strain, Season 1 (June 12): Corey Stoll and his terrible wig lead Guillermo del Toro and Carlton Cuse's horror series.Married, Season 1 (June 16): Starring Judy Greer, Nat Faxon, Jenny Slate, and that naked guy from the Mad Men finale.Seinfeld (June 24): Yes, you can finally stream all 180 episodes of a show about nothing.

Here's everything coming to Hulu in June 2015.