LOL: Jon Snow Is The World's Worst Dinner Party Guest

Game of Thrones' Jon Snow has plenty of good qualities. He's clever and strong, loyal and courageous to a fault. And even his less pleasant traits make sense in context. You'd be a wet blanket, too, if all of your loved ones were dead and ice zombies were coming for everyone else.

All in all, his intense personality makes him pretty well suited for his current job as a brother of the Night's Watch. But as Seth Meyers learns to his chagrin in this hilarious clip from Late Night, it also makes Jon a pretty terrible dinner party guest. Watch the Jon Snow dinner party sketch after the jump.

Watch the Jon Snow dinner party guest sketch starring Kit Harington below.

In fairness to Jon, everyone at Westeros is operating at 100% intensity all the time. Even at parties – especially at parties. Weddings are deadly events to be feared, "casual" get-togethers are opportunities for scheming and passive-aggressive sniping, and drunken nights typically end with battle or massacre.

And Jon really has nothing to be happy about. His entire family is dead, presumed dead, or lost. His first love is dead. He's cold all the time, he battles ice zombies for a living, and he still doesn't know who his mother is.

So let's just give the guy credit for putting himself out there and opening himself up to new friendships. (I guess he probably has to replace some of the loved ones he's lost.) Jon's a Debbie Downer even by Westerosi standards, but at least he's trying to keep it light. It's just that literally every single topic is a conversational minefield with this guy, from his family to the weather.

But hey, practice makes perfect, right? Maybe Season 5 will offer Jon some more opportunities to kick back, drink some Napa Valley red, and play Charades with some buddies. Now that would be a shocking plot twist.