Watch President Obama's Conversation With 'The Wire' Creator David Simon

A Presidential conversation with a TV creator admittedly is on the borderline of this site's focus. But when that TV creator is David Simon, the man primarily responsible for arguably the best TV show ever, The Wire, and he's talking about issues in that show with the sitting President of the United States, that's something more. That's historic and something anyone who is a fan of The Wire would be interested in seeing. Watch the President Obama The Wire video below.

The video was posted by the official White House YouTube channel, which is a funny thing to type.

Talk: President Obama The Wire Creator David Simon

Again, the actual content in the video is more political and social than pop culture related. Still, can we just take a second to marvel at the fact President Obama found the arguments set up by The Wire so compelling and relevant, he decide to talk with Simon about them? It's a bit of a publicity stunt, sure, but if this isn't a stamp of approval on the show's importance, I don't know what is.

What are your thoughts on the President Obama The Wire video?