Cool Stuff: Max Dalton's Unique Pop Culture Art Comes To San Francisco

Max Dalton is an artist we've featured on /Film numerous times. He's done incredible work based on the films of Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, The Coen Brothers and many others. His style is deceptively simple, but by somehow perfectly evokes a quirky tone that's either perfectly in line with filmmakers like those, or delightfully polarized from others.

Dalton's first solo show is called On A Mission From God and it opens at 6 p.m. April 4 at Spoke Art in San Francisco. It consists of a wide variety of pop culture influenced art from a small new series called "Greatest Moments in Film," more traditions limited edition prints brimming with hilarious and unique detail, and even homemade toys and games. Have you ever wanted to play Where's Waldo, but in the world of Breaking Bad? How about have a poster of your favorite Seinfeld quotes? What would a Groundhog Day board game be like? All of that and more is part of this exhibit.

Below, read more about the first Max Dalton solo show and see a bunch of art from it including several pieces exclusive to /Film.

On a Mission From God opens from 6-10 p.m. April 4 at Spoke Art, 816 Sutter St. San Francisco CA. It'll remain on display through April 25. Here's some of the art in the show.

And here are some pieces you'll only find here on /Film:

Below is the full press release for the event.

Spoke Art is pleased to present, "On a Mission From God," the debut solo show of acclaimed illustrator, Max Dalton. Currently living in Buenos Aries, Argentina, Dalton has been one of Spoke Art's most popular artists since he began exhibiting with the gallery in 2010 . Working as an illustrator and graphic artist, Dalton's passions lie within thewonderful world of popular culture. From comics to animation, Max has honed his distinct illustrative style over the past twenty years and culminated an impressive body of work that has become "On a Mission From God."For his solo, Dalton has created a wide range of limited edition prints and collectibles. A large portion of the show is comprised of his "Greatest Moments in Film" series which encapsulates over 40 iconic scenes from some of the most highly celebrated films of the past millennium. Featuring the lead actor(s) center stage, below their most famous quote, each character and scene is presented in a unique script-style format.Alongside the "Greatest Moments in Film" is a new body of work comprising of larger limited edition prints that Max has created exclusively for the exhibit. Whilst the smaller Daltons revel in their simplicity, these larger posters celebrate the complicated layers of thematic symbology through different movies and television shows. Covering both the classics and the contemporaries, Dalton has reached into the deep abyss of his poindexterish mind to include everything from the most notable quotes in Seinfeld to the most famous couples in cinematic history. The elaborate imagery of Dalton's constructed world creates a kind of cognitive game for the viewer, a sort of eye-spy for pop-culture iconography.In addition to this massive new series of prints, Dalton has also created a few limited edition toys and collectibles. Designed for the inner child in all of us, highlights include custom made Viewmasters (View-Max-sters), a fully playable Groundhog Day board game, and a Bill Murray fridge magnet set.Please join us Saturday, April 4th from 6-10pm for the opening reception of "On a Mission From God". Complimentary beverages will be served and the artist will be in attendance. As an added bonus, the first 50 attendees of the exhibition will receive a free mini print, singed and numbered by Max himself.