Third 'Tron' Movie May Be Called 'Tron: Ascension'

Disney has yet to officially confirm the development or imminent shoot of a third Tron film, but the rumors and reports about the movie keep coming. We've heard from a great source that Joseph Kosinski is again at the helm of the film, and that it will shoot in Vancouver starting in October. Reportedly, Garrett Hedlund is the primary returning cast member, but word has been relatively quiet on other participants. Now a new report says the true Tron 3 title is Tron: Ascension.

This info comes from Production Weekly, via Rope of Silicon.

All things considered, it is interesting that Disney has kept this relatively quiet from an official perspective. But our source on the return of Kosinski and the general forward movement on the film is impeccable, so we're confident that something is happening.

As to the meaning of the title and the details of the story, things are even less clear.

Tron: Legacy closed with (spoilers) Cillian Murphy showing up as the son of Tron's original baddie Ed Dillinger, and we also saw Olivia Wilde's character Quorra emerge from existence as a program into the real world, courtesy of Garrett Hedlund's character, who is the son of Tron's original designer, Kevin Flynn.

We don't know if Wilde will return, or how the "ascension" part of the title plays into the story. Kosinski said in 2013 of the then-developing script for a third Tron: "the fundamental idea of the movie is something I'm very excited about, it delivers on the ideas that we set up in Legacy, especially at the end in the last five minutes." He had previously talked about using Sam Flynn and Quorra's arrival in the real world as the primary jumping-off point for the sequel. We can expect some collision of the film's three families — the Flynns, the Dillingers, and the digital creations Quorra and Tron/Rinzler, but the specifics are yet to be revealed.