New 'Daredevil' Motion Poster Has Avengers Tower And Glimpse Of A New Costume

When Daredevil hits Netflix on April 10 we'll see just what Marvel's first foray into streaming television really looks like. But a set of "motion posters" advertising the show has steadily shown us more details of this take on New York's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, and the blind hero who patrols its streets at night.

The latest Daredevil motion poster is packed with small details — the show's major characters all make appearances, and there are plenty of little background details to pore over. "Little" ones, like Avengers tower. And, more importantly, is that a reflection of Daredevil's red suit, or at least a different suit than the one we've seen? Looks like it could be, perhaps.

Here's the short video via Marvel.

There's a lot in there, from the brief glimpse of Avengers tower to the full parade of characters, to what looks like a version of the semi-famous "Sin Will Find You Out" sign that exists on the east side of the neighborhood in real life.

But I'm most interested in Matt Murdock's reflection in the street as he strolls forward. That's not the black ninja suit we've seen for Daredevil so far. There is a clear suggestion of horns, a different material, and some more details reflected around the waist. So there's your final Daredevil costume, even if it is seen only dimly.

Here are a few close-ups of that reflection: