'Cinderella' Honest Trailer: Revisit The Classic Tale Of A Mad Woman And Her Lazy Godmother

With Disney's new, live-action Cinderella currently in theaters, the Honest Trailers team has gone back to revisit Disney's classic, animated Cinderella from 1950. And while we'll forever treasure the old version as a childhood fave, this Honest Trailer does make some good points about how regressive, nonsensical, and downright bizarre it is. Watch the Cinderella Honest Trailer after the jump. 

Screen Junkies debuted the Cinderella Honest Trailer on YouTube. It actually inadvertently makes a strong case for the new Cinderella, by pointing out how outdated the old one has become.

I don't think I ever noticed before just how dangerously unstable that king is. At least the evil stepmother only rules her household — Cinderella's relationship with her dad-in-law could have dire consequences for the entire kingdom. And it does seem kind of unfair to vilify the cat for doing exactly what cats are supposed to do, i.e., chase mice.

To be fair, new Cinderella goes a long way toward fixing some of the problems of this Cinderella. Her friendship with the animals, for example, is made slightly less fantastical, and her decision to stay with her stepfamily is framed as an active (if arguably wrong-headed) decision on her part. Plus, Kit (the new version of Prince Charming) registers as an actual character, instead of just a plot device like he was in the original.

But the fairy godmother thing remains kind of unforgivable, in both versions of the story. Seriously, this magical woman has one job. Just think if she'd stepped in early on, when Cinderella's life first went to hell. Instead, she procrastinates until Cinderella has all but given up hope, and then redeems her through some sort of complicated royal marriage plot that is in no way guaranteed to actually improve her life.

The new Cinderella is in theaters now.