'Edge Of Tomorrow' Infographic Tracks All Of Tom Cruise's Deaths

Doug Liman's Edge of Tomorrow made it to cable recently and damned if I can't shut it off. It's such a fun movie, filled with energy laughs and a plot just complex enough that you have to think about it every time you watch it. I was a fan when it was released, and I still am.

Recently, Twitter user @george_hatzis posted a cool infographic about Kingsman: The Secret Service and he's now followed it up with one about Edge of Tomorrow. It's a simple, clean breakdown of every time Tom Cruise's character, William Cage, dies in the movie. Check out the Edge of Tomorrow infographic below.

Thanks to @george_Hatzis (via Comic Book Movie) for the image. Click to see it larger.

Edge of Tomorrow Infographic

Edge of Tomorrow Infographic

Here's the question. You have to assume the movie skips at least dozens, and probably hundreds or thousands of other deaths, right? How many do you think?