LOL: Thor Wants To Party After Defeating Ultron In 'SNL' Sketch

Chris Hemsworth stopped by Saturday Night Live last night, and you know what that means: there was an Avengers skit. Even though Avengers: Age of Ultron doesn't open for another two months, the Avengers SNL sketch picks up immediately after the climactic battle, as the various Avengers are reacting to their victory. (Spoilers?)

Watch the Avengers SNL sketch after the jump. 

Avengers SNL Sketch

The last time the Avengers defeated an onslaught of baddies, they all seemed pretty wiped — too wiped to even talk while refueling at the nearby shawarma joint. But Thor is anything but, declaring that he's "on pure adrenaline right now." He's ready to go party at Dave & Buster's. He might even follow it up with some karaoke.

His teammates are slightly less enthused. Iron Man (Taran Killam) is unimpressed because he's Iron Man, the Hulk (Pete Davidson) seems kind of upset about the fact that he might've eaten a guy ("You ate a bunch of guys!" Thor enthusiastically corrects him), and Captain America (Beck Bennett) is the wet blanket who reminds all citizens that the mayor's orders to remain at home are still in effect. And Nick Fury (Jay Pharoah) is not into the traditional post-game Gatorade dunk.

All of this victory has actually put Thor in a pretty generous mood. He compliments Ultron and his army in sportsmanlike fashion ("I have got to give it up to those robots, they fought hard, but luckily, I'm Thor") and even gives a shoutout to his adopted brother / persistent nemesis Loki.

Okay, so this probably isn't how Avengers: Age of Ultron is really going to end, but honestly, I wouldn't mind if it were. I'd happily watch two hours of the Avengers burning through quarters at the arcade and then heading back to Avengers tower to record a special post-victory edition of Thor's Soundcloud podcast. Maybe he can explain to them why he's suddenly developed an Aussie accent.