Producer Explains Why 'Dredd 2' Probably Won't Happen Without More Star Power

"The guy who dresses up like the Crow is going to give you a lesson in film finance."

Producer Adi Shankar is a dedicatedĀ self-promoter; how many other young producers are increasingly recognizable to people outside the film business? Shankar is back with a new video, and he's going to tell Dredd fans something they probably don't want to hear: as much as the fanbase may want to see Dredd 2, it probably won't happen without the addition of a major star to help boost international sales.

Shankar breaks down the potential for Dredd 2 in pretty simple terms. The first film lost money almost everywhere, so for a sequel there has to be a good reason for everyone that might buy into it to think that there's money to be made the second time around. And there are really only a few major factors that go into that.

I'm eager to hear from other indie producers about how well Shankar's business breakdown represents the intricacies of film finance. As a primer to the realities of trying to launch a sequel like Dredd 2, this is a good place to start, and might help some audiences understand why the interest of a fanbase isn't enough to launch a project.

Here's Shankar's talk about finance and sequels. Note that this might be not safe for work due to language.