VOTD: What If Wes Anderson Directed 'X-Men'?

Wes Anderson parodies are like the cat videos of movie parodies. There are so many. The reason being that Anderson has such a distinct style in every facet of filmmaking – from shot composition, to tone, performance, music, production and costume design – his aesthetic is fairly easy to duplicate, at least on a superficial level.

That is, it's easy to duplicate, but not easy to make entertaining. That takes more nuance and a very good idea, both of which filmmaker Patrick H Willems has. He's made a video that asked a question no one else has addressed: What if Wes Anderson directed X-Men? The result is very clever and entertaining. Check out the Wes Anderson X-Men video below.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for the heads up.

Wes Anderson X-Men video parody

It might look like it's long, but the last minute or so is the director plugging his work and explaining a few things.

My favorite part of this video is the look. The purposefully dinky costumes, the cool effects and model work, as well as the multitude of locations they went to to shoot. I feel like those things overshadow some of the performances and humor, which isn't up to Anderson levels for obvious reasons. Never the less, there's really good stuff here and just an unfathomable amount of work that went into its production. It's a very cool video.

The YouTube comments have a few more pertinent links. First up, Vimeo if the embed doesn't work. And a behind the scenes video:

And just because they deserve it too, the cast of the film is James Zebooker as Iceman, Scott Thomas as Cyclops, Chloe Holgate as Jean Grey, Matt Torpey as Beast, Jacob Torpey as Angel, Zac MacKrell as Wolverine, Nate Miller as Magneto, Kendra Pettis as Storm, Chad Ruhle as the voice of Professor X.

What did you think of the Wes Anderson X-Men parody video?