Easter Egg: Did You Spot This 'Wreck-It Ralph' Character's Cameo In 'Big Hero 6'?

Disney loves to scatter Easter eggs around its animated films, and its first Marvel movie was not exempt. If you were looking closely, and you might've spotted Frozen's Hans and Olaf, Wreck-It Ralph, Stitch (as in Lilo &), Bolt, and more around Big Hero 6's San Fransokyo.

But there's one more that's escaped our notice until now. Tucked into the background of one scene is another character from Wreck-It Ralph. Check out the Big Hero 6 Wreck-It Ralph Easter egg after the jump. 

Imgur user DrunkenTenshi (via CinemaBlend) spotted Wreck-It Ralph's Saitine in Big Hero 6:Big Hero 6 Wreck It Ralph Easter egg

Unfortunately, I don't have Big Hero 6 handy right now so I can't independently verify the Easter egg or say exactly where it is in the movie. Based on the photo, it seems to be in one of the scenes set at Fred's house. If anyone is able to figure it out, please let us know in the comments.

Saitine is a fellow Bad-Anon member who congratulates Ralph on the 30th anniversary of his game and later tells him to "hang in there." He's also quick to note that "it's Sah-TEEN, actually" when Ralph accidentally refers to him as "Satan." Here's a better picture of him to refresh your memory:

Wreck It Ralph Saitine

It's not really a game-changer, as we already knew Wreck-It Ralph existed in some form within the Big Hero 6 universe. Ralph himself has a tiny cameo as a toy perched atop Hiro's computer (image via Yahoo):

Big Hero 6 Wreck It Ralph Easter egg (Ralph)

Still, it's impressive that Saitine has managed to stay hidden for so long. He's been there all along, even as Internet sleuths have spotted minuscule details like the Hans statue, the Stan Lee painting, and even the Feast graffiti.

Makes you wonder what other as-yet-undiscovered Easter eggs are still hiding within the film, doesn't it? If you want to go hunting, Big Hero 6 is available on Blu-ray, DVD, VOD, etc. now.