'Community' Season Six Trailer And Opening Clip

Update: Yahoo has released the first Community season 6 clip, we've added that after the jump.

Greendale Community College is opening its doors once again, and you can see the Community S6 trailer via the show's new home... at Yahoo. The former NBC sitcom movies to Yahoo for it's unlikely but possibly always-destined new season, and this first trailer teases not only the pilot, but seemingly the much of the first half of the season.

You've got Paget Brewster introduced as "the new Shirley," and Keith David dropping the best Ghostbusters joke I've heard this year. (By the way, Keith David! Reason enough to watch right there.) And of course most of the show's familiar characters are on hand to lend their own notes to the manic proceedings. Oh, and the whole trailer is an Avengers trailer parody, kind of, as if that image above didn't clue you in. Watch the Community season 6 trailer below.

Community Season 6 Clip

This first Community season six clip comes via Variety.

Community Season 6 Trailer

Series creator Dan Harmon is still in action for this season, and he's got a great roster of directors working with him on various episodes. Rob Schrab, who will direct The Lego Movie 2, oversaw the pilot, and Bobcat Goldthwait and Nat Faxon & Jim Rash also have their own episodes in the 13-installment season.

Trailer via Yahoo. Community hits the online service beginning on March 17.