'Orphan Black' Season 3 Trailer: "Recognize Me?"

Will things ever end happily for Sarah Manning and her clone sisters? Based on the new Orphan Black Season 3 trailer, it seems the answer is "maybe, but not any time in the near future." Not only are they still reeling from the events of Season 2, they're also gonna have to deal with the game-changing reveal of Project Castor. Watch the Orphan Black Season 3 trailer after the jump.

A word of warning if you're not caught up — major spoilers from the first two seasons of Orphan Black appear in the trailer and the rest of this post.

Imagine how much easier casting for big ensemble pieces like Game of Thrones or Mad Men would be if those stories also revolved around clones. Tatiana Maslany and Ari Millen account for like 75% of the characters in this trailer alone.

The Season 2 finale revealed that Sarah and her sisters are the least of it: There's also at least one younger clone, an 8-year-old named Charlotte; and a whole line of male clones created by the military under the Project Castor initiative.

We've already met three of the guys: Mark the Prolethean, who just married Gracie; Miller the military man, glimpsed only briefly; and Rudy a.k.a. Scarface, the creepy one held prisoner in Marion's home. The Season 3 trailer seems to tease a few more, though it's hard to say for sure since they all look identical.

But the female clones have their own issues to deal with. Helena is in military custody, having been handed over by Paul and Mrs. S, much to Sarah's fury. Cosima is still sick, and presumably trying to decide how she feels about Delphine's newly straightened 'do. Rachel is recovering from her horrible injury. And Sarah is still yelling things like "That's not your bloody decision!"

Orphan Black Season 3 premieres Saturday, April 18 on BBC America.