Cool Stuff: 'The Godfather Part II' Poster By Laurent Durieux

As a film fan, one of the eternal debates is The Godfather vs. The Godfather Part II. Both films won Best Picture and both films are all time classics. No one is disputing that. But forced to choose one, do you choose the rise of Michael Corleone as his father, Don Vito Corleone, passes on? Or do you choose the epic dual story of the Corleone family's beginning, with Vito's rise to power, alongside its expansion, as Michael broadens and splits the family? It's a Catch 22, Sophie's Choice if ever there was one and a debate that's sure to go on forever.

On the poster side, though, this debate has been closed.

Last year, Odd City Entertainment debuted their official Godfather license with a beautiful piece by Laurent Durieux. Today, they've revealed part two of the poster trilogy, also by Durieux. And no knock on the artist himself, but his version of The Godfather Part II blows the original away. See the full Laurent Durieux Godfather Part II poster, and get all the details, below.

Here's Laurent Durieux's poster for The Godfather Part II. Regular in English, variant in Italian.

Laurent Durieux Godfather Part II

And here's all the pertinent info:

Godfather Part II by Laurent Durieux - Limited Edition 24x36 screen print

  • Regular Edition – 375 prints, $65 each
  • Variant Edition w/ Italian Text – 200 prints, $100 each
  • Wood Edition (regular colorway) – 60 prints, $300 each
  • All Editions printed by SP Productions in Brussels with 12 Colors
  • All prints numbered and signed by the artist
  • PRE SALE begins Friday, March 6th 2015 at the Odd City Store at a random time.
  • This poster is just gorgeous. A very early contender for the best of the year. Obviously there's the simple beauty of the image, a young Vito coming into America with his fellow immigrants admiring the Statue of Liberty. But then there's also that quote from Vito's long time nemesis, Don Francesco.  "When he grows, he will grow strong." That refers obviously to Vito, but also to Michael in a way as well as the country of America itself, represented in the poster. It's a three prong, slam dunk representation of the movie.

    What do you think of the poster?