'Saw' Sequel Writers Drafting A New 'Halloween'

Michael Myers never stays dead for too long, and now he's returning to the big screen. Dimension films has revived efforts to make a new Halloween film. The first step in the process is to hire Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, who together wrote several Saw movies (specifically the latter four films), to write the script for the new film. But what is this Halloween going to be? Reportedly, it will be a "recalibration," which seems like a single-word replacement for "we're not sure yet."

THR reports that Dunstan and Melton have been hired, and quotes sources saying that this is "not a remake, not a reboot, and not a re-imagining." That's where the "recalibration" word comes in.

What does that mean? All we're really taking from it is that whatever continuity was created or tweaked by Rob Zombie's two films will be scrapped.

We don't even know what this film will be called. At this point it seems like the Halloween 3D idea that Dimension was once kicking around is probably dead. Whether or not there will be any continuity with the original film series is open to question. The word "recalibration" suggests that could be in the cards, and Halloween wouldn't be the first horror series to go back to the story continuity of past films. (Producers have taken that tack with recent installments for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series.)

At this point it's probably too early to make any real guesses. Malek Akkad is again producing, with Matt Stein.