Chris Pratt's 'Jurassic World' Raptor Squad Was Hinted In Original 'Jurassic Park' Novel

That sound you heard last year was Jurassic Park fans screaming about the oddities in the Jurassic World trailer. Specifically, the fact Chris Pratt's character apparently has control of a pack of Velociraptors, those unstoppable, evil dinosaur from the first three movies. The Super Bowl trailer for the Colin Trevorrow film showed even more of this relationship, with Pratt's character dinosaur whispering the dominant creatures (seen above).

Well, a Reddit user has pointed out the idea behind this relationship isn't exactly new at all. In fact, it was in Michael Crichton's original Jurassic Park book, conveyed by a character we know for a fact is returning for Jurassic World. Read the quotes that tease the Jurassic World raptor squad below.

The idea for the connection, and quote, come from this post on Reddit. Below is an excerpt from Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park. Henry Wu is played by B.D. Wong in the original film and he's the only returning cast member in Jurassic World. So, it seems like a good assumption he's a reason for the new attitudes of the dinosaurs:

"The dinosaurs we have now are real," Wu said, pointing to the screens around the room, "but in certain ways they are unsatisfactory. Unconvincing. I could make them better."

"Better in what way?"

"For one thing, they move too fast," Henry Wu said. "People aren't accustomed to seeing large animals that are so quick. I'm afraid visitors will think the dinosaurs look speeded up, like film running too fast."

"But, Henry, these are real dinosaurs. You said so yourself."

"I know," Wu said. "But we could easily breed slower, more domesticated dinosaurs."

"Domesticated dinosaurs?" Hammond snorted. "Nobody wants domesticated dinosaurs, Henry. They want the real thing."

"But that's my point," Wu said. "I don't think they do. They want to see their expectation, which is quite different.... I'm just saying, why stop there? Why not push ahead to make exactly the kind of dinosaur that we'd like to see? One that is more acceptable to visitors, and one that is easier for us to handle? A slower, more docile version for our park?"

Hammond frowned. "But then the dinosaurs wouldn't be real."

"But they're not real now," Wu said.

Obviously that doesn't specifically say anything about controlling raptors. And I believe the movie and maybe even the books makes it clear that raptors kind of fall outside of this classification. Nevertheless, decades have passed in Jurassic World and it makes sense that the geneticists have figured out a way to make them a bit more "domesticated" as stated above. It would explain how the park has been able to run so smoothly for so long.

Who would have thought the Chris Pratt Jurassic World raptor squad could, in a way, hold the key to the whole narrative of Jurassic World? If the D-Rex is uncontrollable but all the other dinosaurs are, that sets up a pretty interesting conflict.