Bryan Cranston Returns As Walter White In Super Bowl Commerical

Between the drama of the game itself, the cool movie spots, and a bevy of controversial and/or sad commercials, there was plenty to talk about during the Super Bowl. One of the most surprising moments, however, happened when Bryan Cranston reprised his multiple award-winning role as teacher-turned-meth dealer Walter White from Breaking Bad. He did so for an Esurance commercial that's got that creepy Breaking Bad vibe, but also lots of humor and inside jokes. Watch the Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad Super Bowl commercial, in both the regular and extended lengths, below.

Here's the regular version of the commercial.

Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad Super Bowl commercial

We've heard that we may see Cranston back as Walter White at some point during the new Vince Gilligan show, Better Call Saul. If that happens, it most likely wouldn't be until the show's second season. And even then, it almost certainly wouldn't be this Walter White, the cool, calm and collected killer from the later seasons of the show. So basically, this is one of the last times you're ever going to see Cranston as this version of the character. Here's hoping the next Esurance commerical features Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman.

As a bonus, here's the extended version of the commercial: