VOTD: 'Fantastic Four' / 'Interstellar' Trailer Mashup

Though Tuesday's teaser was the first we'd seen of Fox's Fantastic Four, we (and the rest of the Internet) couldn't help but notice it felt awfully familiar. The somber voiceover contemplating human nature and man's place in the universe, the shots of all-American cornfields and high-tech labs, the furrowed brows of serious scientists doing serious science... it all felt straight out of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar.

And indeed, a new Fantastic Four Interstellar trailer mashup making the rounds shows that the two films might not be very different at all. Give or take a Dylan Thomas poem, the Fantastic Four teaser may as well be another Interstellar promo. Watch the video after the jump. 

YouTube user GunsAndJR (via Live for Films) put together the Fantastic Four Interstellar trailer mashup. It turns out Matthew McConaughey's voiceover goes perfectly with the Fantastic Four footage.

We wouldn't have guessed the Fantastic Four trailer would look so much like Interstellar, but in retrospect maybe it makes sense. Both films are about scientists whose lives are irrevocably changed after they decide to explore another corner of the universe. And Trank has spoken about wanting to do a "hard sci-fi take" on the premise, rather than making just another comic book movie.

There are worse marketing campaigns to steal from than Interstellar's, and besides, Interstellar isn't the only movie the Fantastic Four teaser resembles. It also brings to mind those old X-Men promos with voiceovers by Patrick Stewart. Which also makes sense, since they're both Marvel Comics properties set up at Fox.

If you want to compare, here's the original Interstellar teaser with the Matthew McConaughey monologue:

And if you'd rather just bask in the Fox-Marvel universe, here's that Fantastic Four trailer again:

Fantastic Four opens August 7Josh Trank directs, and Michael B. JordanMiles Teller, Kate MaraJamie Bell, and Toby Kebbell star.