Kevin Spacey Will Be A Man Trapped In A Cat's Body In 'Nine Lives'

In the past few weeks, Kevin Spacey has picked up both a Golden Globe and a SAG Award for House of Cards, on which he plays a politician who'll manipulate, blackmail, screw, and murder anyone to get to the top. Needless to say, it's a pretty heavy affair, and it's totally understandable if Spacey wants to do something a little lighter with his time off.

So Spacey is now set to star in Nine Lives, a high-concept comedy in which he'll play a man who turns into a cat. Yes, you read that right. Barry Sonnenfeld is directing. Get details on the Kevin Spacey cat movie after the jump. 

According to TheWrap, the script by Daniel Antoniazzi and Ben Shiffrin centers on a workaholic businessman who becomes trapped in the body of a housecat following a terrible accident. Whether this means the cat's mind is now in the businessman's body, or whether both the cat and the businessman are now sharing one feline body, is unclear.

Sonnenfeld describes Nine Lives as a "funny, emotional, commercial comedy." The "commercial" part is important so we know it's not going to be some kind of highfalutin indie black comedy or mind-bender.

Although Spacey is an esteemed dramatic actor with two Academy Awards (for American Beauty and The Usual Suspects) under his belt, he's also done plenty of sillier roles. His last big-screen appearance was in Horrible Bosses 2. And one of his next movies is Boss Baby, an animated comedy about an infant businessman trying to stop a dastardly CEO voiced by Spacey.

In that light, a film about a businessman who turns into a cat seems like less of a stretch. And to be fair, it's not like Sonnenfeld was the first guy to cast Spacey as a kitty — that delightful header image comes from Jimmy Kimmel's 2014 post-Oscars spoof Ameowadeus. Besides, it's not like Serious Spacey is going anywhere. House of Cards Season 3 hits Netflix February 27.

Below is Ameowadeus, co-starring Christoph Waltz as Hamster on a Piano.