VOTD: How Many Lens Flares Are In JJ Abrams' Star Trek Movies?

Yes, complaining about lens flares in filmmaker JJ Abrams' films is just as cliche as you can get at this point. But someone pointed me to this video by editor Dylan Browne who attempted to get the answer to the question: How many lens flares are in JJ Abrams' Star Trek movies, Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. The video shows every single lens flare in a fast-forward montage of both films. So how many lens flares are in JJ Abrams Star Trek movies? Find out how many Star Trek lens flares occur in both films, after the jump.

How Many Star Trek Lens Flares

How Many Star Trek Into Darkness Lens Flares

Dylan Browne has counted 721 lens flares in the Star Trek and 826 lens flares in Star Trek Into Darkness, for a grand total of 1,547 Star Trek lens flares!