Did Warwick Davis Just Post A Huge 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Spoiler? [UPDATE - No]

Every single piece of media released about Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been carefully selected. Each video, photo, quote, everything has been checked, double checked and perfectly timed to reveal to fans just enough information that Lucasfilm feels appropriate. And, so far, nothing has been particularly spoilery.

That either just changed, or there's some deliberate shenanigans going on. I'm thinking the latter. But either way, confirmed Force Awakens star Warwick Davis appeared on the BBC's The One Show and showed two selfies he supposedly took from the set. One with Chewbacca, and another with a character that, well, might be a big spoiler. See the Warwick Davis Force Awakens photos below.

UPDATE: Davis responded to the photos on Twitter, saying they were not actually from the set. But there's still an interesting discussion to be had. UPDATE: Davis posted this on Twitter, saying the photos were not from the set. So everything is safe here. But the original article follows

They're both from Star Wars Weekends. Read more at Davis' Twitter. Original story follows

Davis appeared on The One Show and Yahoo posted the photos. First, the non spoiler one.

Warwick Davis Star Wars selfie 1

That's Davis with Chewbacca, who we already know is in the film. Peter Mayhew was among the original cast list and even Disney CEO Bob Iger took a similar photo with the wookiee. Albeit it, at a different height. Hence the joke.

Here's the potential spoiler, which may not be a spoiler, but we're going to warn it anyway.






Warwick Davis Star Wars selfie 2

Yes, that's Warwick Davis's similar selfie with a character that looks very much like Darth Vader. There's no guarantee it's Darth Vader. It could be Kylo Ren with a similar look for all we knew, but that lightsaber certainly looks like Vader's. If Darth Vader is in The Force Awakens, that would obviously be considered a huge spoiler since he dies in Return of the Jedi. Would Lucasfilm allow Davis to post something like that? Probably not. Most likely, it's just a trolling action.






There have been many rumors that Vader, in one form or another, does show up. That the Sith characters in the movie are obsessed with the Dark Lord and may have even have found his body and taken relics from it. If that is true, would this photo be allowed out? I don't know, it just seems odd.

What do you think of these Warwick Davis Force Awakens Star Wars set photos?