Wild Rumor: 'Batman V Superman' Could Be Split, With Part One Arriving This Year [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Star of the film, Henry Cavill, has come out and stated that this story is not true. Read more detail below.

Warner Bros. has yet to comment on this wild rumor, but it's a super fun one. An image appeared online Friday that appears to be from some kind of promotional material for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. On the image, it says that the movie will be split in two, with Part I, called Enter the Knight, hitting theaters October 23, 2015 and Part II, Dawn of Justice, hitting on the original release date, March 25, 2016.

The order of the dates on the image makes it look like an international image, and the blur on the website makes it unclear if it's the official site run by Warner Bros. or a fake or fan site. Still, the Batman v Superman split is a fun rumor to discuss none the less. Which we'll do below.

The Batman v Superman split image popped up on an Imgur site, with a hat tip to Ain't It Cool News. Here it is:

Batman v Superman split rumor

The arguments against this image are, of course, the obvious blurry nature, the year coming first in the dates, and the fact we can't see if it's www.batmanvsupermandawnofjustice.com, which is the official site, or the same site without the "V" listed at the bottom. (That second option is, suspiciously, also a working website.) There's also the fact Warner Bros. hasn't commented, but then Warner Bros. usually doesn't comment on rumors at all.

But let's pretend those things aren't there. From a logical business sense, this could be a really smart move. We know Warner Bros. has no problem breaking up movies. They're doing it with Justice League, and have already done it with The Hobbit and final Harry Potter film. We also know that Batman v Superman is absolutely packed with characters and content, and it could hypothetically sustain two movies. Third, this would give Warner Bros. another massive blockbuster to release this year. And fourth, it would give fans a DC film this year, after the Marvel movies, to remind fans their slate is just as jam-packed and impressive.

If Warner Bros. released two Batman v Superman movies between Marvel's Phase 2 and 3 (Ant-Man in July, Civil War in May) that would be a huge flag in their superhero cap. Something they desperately need right now.

Honestly, this is probably fake, but it's a really good idea on paper. What do you think?

UPDATE: This tweet pretty much crushes the chances of this being real.

UPDATE 2: Henry Cavill told Variety that this rumor is not true and the film will, indeed, be released as one movie.