POTD: Bill Gates Gifts Loki Helmet, Wins At Secret Santa

Add gift-giving to the long list of things Bill Gates is great at. The Microsoft co-founder participated in the Reddit Secret Santa exchange and presented one lucky lady with a slew of thoughtful gifts, including her "pie-in-the-sky wish": a full-sized Loki helmet. See photos of the Bill Gates Secret Santa present after the jump. 

Reddit user calid7 posted about her very merry Christmas.

I can not believe it. I am literally shaking right now I AM IN SHOCK (someone get me a blanket!).

The amazing human being Bill Gates sent me a Loki Helmet which i have been dying to own ever since the first Thor movie came out!! He read my "pie in the sky wish" that i filled out in my questionnaire and fulfilled it! I also got an amazing coffee table book of gorgeous pictures of Africa (somewhere i desperately want to go, its on my bucket list!) with an inscription and a Giant microbes polio virus stuffed animal!

The Helmet actually arrived with the horns cracked :( but i'm pretty sure i can find a way to fix it! :D (Via Reddit Gifts)

Calid7 included some photos with her post. She looks delighted with the helmet, but her cat seems less so.

More images and details can be found on Reddit.

All of that is pretty wonderful as it is (even if we have to admit to being a little bit jealous). But to make the gift even sweeter, noted philanthropist Gates also included a donation to Shot@Life, a charity which provides vaccines for kids in impoverished countries. Everybody wins. Except maybe Loki, who probably wants no part of this heartwarming show of human kindness.

This isn't the first time Gates has shown off his Santa skills. Last year, he got his giftee a travel book and a donation on her behalf to Heifer International, which she called the "PERFECT" gift. This despite the fact that she's a big fan of his competition: "Sorry for the apple ipad on my wishlist, that was really awkward," she wrote in her thank-you note to Gates.