Rare Footage Offers Intimate Behind The Scenes Look At 1977 'Star Wars'

Star Wars is one of those franchises where almost nothing you discover about it is new. Whether it be a cool inside fact, image, or whatever, odds are it's been out there years, possibly decades. Maybe it's new to you but the franchise has been so closely followed for so many years, it would be very rare to find something genuinely new in relation to the original or prequel trilogies.

That's a preamble to say the following video is not necessarily a new discovery. It was recently uploaded, and I've never seen it before. But Star Wars fans are so crazy, maybe some of you have. The video is about six minutes of B-roll footage from the set of the original 1977 Star Wars. That means the footage is almost 40 years old. And it's incredible. It's George Lucas, Mark Hamill and Garrick Hagon (who played Luke's best friend Biggs) shooting a scene that's not in the movie. It's just raw footage of people walking around the set. Check out the Star Wars behind the scenes footage below.

Thanks to Eyes On Cinema (via Post Movie) for the video. Also – don't adjust your volume. The footage does not have sound.

Star Wars Behind the Scenes footage

I also found this YouTube video of a clip of scene seen above.

Pretty interesting stuff.

Remember when I surmised the footage wasn't new? Well the original source posted this video on YouTube in 2011 teasing the above footage:

As an unabashed fan of Biggs, this stuff is fascinating to me. I always loved that Luke had a friend who was kind of an older-brother type who he looked up to. The relationship seems so important and gets paid off both on Yavin 4 and the attack on the Death Star. Granted, Han ends up taking that role in the film, so the fact Biggs go cut in the final cut makes sense. But I do love seeing this kind of stuff.

What do you think of this Star Wars Behind the Scenes footage?