Andy Serkis Responds To Rumors About His 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Character

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer was filled with so many visual stimulants, it's funny how the auditory one has become the most interesting point of conversation. After some debate, we found it was Andy Serkis delivering the clip's chilling monologue. Not only was it chilling because of the voice itself; it was the words delivered. This character would have to be incredibly important to have felt a literal awakening in both sides of the Force. Rumors began running rampant about the character. Is Serkis a Sith? How old is he? Could he be more than one character? Will be play a performance-capture or human character?

Now the actor has answered a few of those questions. We still don't know his name and exact purpose, but Serkis did confirm he's only playing one character, and that it was his unaltered voice in the trailer. Read more about the Andy Serkis Star Wars rumors, and their answers, below.

Serkis was talking to Entertainment Weekly and dropped the following information.

  • The voice in the trailer is the voice of the character of the movie. Unaltered.
  • He only plays this one character.
  • He won't say if the character is performance capture or not.
  • The only backstory he'll give: "He's been through some stuff."
  • He is "not leading a band of gymnasts or acrobats" as was rumored.
  • He'll be getting an action figure.
  • The biggest takeaway here is the confirmation he's only playing one character. Some speculation was centered around an idea that Serkis was playing one performance capture character and another with his actual face. Now we can say for a fact that's not true. What we can't say is whether or not that character is human or not. If that's his voice though, it doesn't sound human. At least not any Star Wars human we've ever met who doesn't wear some kind of mask. (Maybe Emperor Palpatine? But he still sounded more normal than this.)

    The second most interesting piece is "He's been through some stuff." It's confirmation that this character has a long past. He's not some new addition to the galaxy. He's been around for a while and that'll probably – here's the speculation – have an important role to play.

    Are you excited to find out who Serkis is playing? What do you think of these Andy Serkis Star Wars rumors?