Harrison Ford Calls 'Blade Runner 2' "The Best Thing I've Ever Read"

That's according to Ridley Scott, at least. During a conversation about the intersection of making films based on some of the oldest stories (such as Scott's new Exodus) and science fiction, the subject of Blade Runner 2 came up. Scott has recently said the Blade Runner 2 script was going well, and that he was very happy with the results. And now he says that Harrison Ford is also incredibly happy with the draft — Scott none-too-humbly reports that Ford called the draft Scott and Hampton Fancher have been working on "the best thing I've ever read."

While speaking to MTV, Scott talked about the Blade Runner 2 script and Harrison Ford. He said "it's written and ready to go" and explained,

I sent him [the script] and he said 'wow, this is the best thing I've ever read.' It's very relevant to what happened [in] the first one. I'm not just doing a sequel with lots of action and see how far we can go with the special effects, because you can't really. [With] Blade Runner we kind of landed on a somehow very credible future. And it's very difficult to change that because it's been so influential with everything else.

We'd rather get that straight from Harrison Ford, frankly, but we'll have to settle for this for now.

He also talks a bit about Prometheus 2, saying that, yeah, it'll be Shaw and David's story.

Oh, you have to. You can't have a person go off into the galaxy and have a person who's still got his head off. Once that head goes back on he's really dangerous, but he's also very seductive. So maybe he'll persuade her to put the head back [on].

While Scott was originally set to direct Blade Runner 2, in recent weeks he has possibly fallen away from that particular role. Now, it appears that someone who is as-yet unnamed will direct the film in 2015 while Scott makes The Martian and gets to work on Prometheus 2.

(In the MTV interview, Scott says that "the right answer for now" is that he's debating about whether or not to direct.)

Here's the video, from MTV: