James Gunn Puts Simple Avengers Guardians Of The Galaxy Crossover In Doubt

We all just assumed Avengers: Infinity War, Parts 1 and 2, would see The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy teaming up to fight Thanos. Looking at the schedule of things, that just seemed like the logical way to go. And while we don't know that's not how it's going to go, in a new interview, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 writer and director James Gunn put that simple, straightforward, team plus team crossover in doubt. He said that "Thinking that everything is going to come together in a perfect way is not necessarily the way it's going to happen." What could that mean? We'll explore the Avengers Guardians of the Galaxy crossover below.

Gunn talked about the Avengers Guardians of the Galaxy crossover in an extended interview with ScreenJunkies. There's lots of interesting stuff here, but this quote in particular comes in at 3:05.

If you prefer not to watch, Gunn is asked if the darker tone of Avengers: Age of Ultron will have any bearing on the tone of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. His response:

It's trying to make it effect it as little as possible. We really are separate from the Avengers, and I don't think people should assume too many things about the Guardians play in all this. We have our own galaxy to take care of. We have our own galaxy to save. Earth is the Avengers' province. Thinking that everything is going to come together in a perfect way is not necessarily the way it's going to happen.

Again – that's not Gunn saying we won't see the full Guardians team standing alongside the full Avengers team (or teams), just that it's not a foregone conclusion and that if it does happen, it could happen in a way we don't expect. That could mean a character or two die before the Infinity War. It could mean only one or two of the Guardians ends up fighting that battle. It could be the other way around, with only a few Avengers fighting in the battle. Or it could mean Avengers: Infinity War won't feature the Guardians at all, and that maybe a crossover happens after that.

Also of note, Gunn is kind of specifically talking about Guardians of the Galaxy 2 here. He's a surgeon with his wording when it comes to this stuff. It's very possible Infinity War is exactly what we think, but he's only referring to Guardians 2 in this specific quote, we just don't know that yet.

Personally, I still believe we'll somehow see The Hulk in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (if not there, where?) and he'll battle Thanos with them in that film. Then, through him, is how the Guardians realize what's going on with The Avengers.

Either way, it's very interesting quote to consider when you try and map out the trajectory of Marvel's Phase 3 from Captain America: Civil War onward. When do you think we'll see an Avengers Guardians of the Galaxy crossover?