Andrew Garfield Will Be Recast If Marvel Gets 'Spider-Man' Back

The drama over the film future of Spider-Man seemingly never ends. After The Amazing Spider-Man 2 failed to deliver, Sony announced an elaborate plan to spread the franchise out into some very intriguing spin-off films like Sinister Six and Venom. Then rumors began bubbling they'd been in touch with Marvel Studios to try and figure out some kind of mutually beneficial deal. At one point, there was even a discussion of Spider-Man maybe appearing in 2016's Captain America: Civil War. Those talks broke down, and at the moment, things are still in flux.

The latest update is a few of the details in those now legendary Marvel and Sony talks. Apparently, if a deal was worked out, Marvel's plan was  to completely distance their version of Spider-Man from everything Sony had done with the character. That means recasting Andrew Garfield.

Latino Review is reporting details of what Marvel would do if they were to acquire any stake in the Spider-Man character.

Basically, if it had happened, Marvel wouldn't want any confusion with Sony's films. So Sam Raimi, Marc Webb, and all the work they've done would be ignored. (Granted, Webb's films already ignore the work Raimi did.) Also, Marvel believes audiences understand the Spider-Man origin and are sick of it. If they were to get the character back, he'd already be Spider-Man when we meet him. Hence the idea of him popping up in Civil War.

Marvel's idea for a solo Spider-Man movie is to push the romance way back. It would be primarily about him dealing with his dual life as a teenager and a superhero, two issues that are well-handled in the best Sony Spider-Man film, Spider-Man 2. When that movie starts, he's Spider-Man and it's difficult for him to balance that with his real life, of which Mary Jane is a part. To Marvel, that's the best of the character and would be their focus. That's 100% the right idea.

The only loser in this scenario is Andrew Garfield. Even though his Amazing Spider-Man movies haven't exactly been fan favorites, pretty much anyone you talk to prefers him to Tobey Maguire in the role. And that's not a knock on Maguire, he was a good Spider-Man, but Garfield just brought a little more comic book swagger to the character. Almost on his own, he kept those movies watchable even when they made no sense. It's sad that he'd be recast but, it makes complete sense.

Now, here's the good news for Garfield fans. This is all only if Marvel works out some deal with Sony and as of now, it's off the table. Sony will move ahead with their plans and those include Andrew Garfield in the skin-tight suit.

What are your thoughts on potentially recasting Spider-Man?