Disney Still Planning To Make New Indiana Jones Movies

Lucasfilm is a little busy at the moment worrying about their crown jewel, Star Wars. They're planning one of those movies every year starting in 2015, and that requires a lot of work. But no one has forgotten about their other huge franchise, Indiana Jones, for which Disney does indeed have the rights to make and distribute new films.

The last rumor was that they were looking at a reboot, which was denied by producers. When the CEO of the company comments on a film series, you have to take note. In a recent interview, Disney's Bob Iger said the company would love to make another Indiana Jones movie, but they're just pacing themselves right now. What does that mean? We'll explore the new Indiana Jones movie possibilities after the jump.

The news was from a talk Iger had with Variety. Reporter Marc Graser was live-tweeting and dropped this quote.

So there's a desire to make more movies, but no rush. That seems to be the idea in that quote. Now, call me crazy, but doesn't that all but guarantee a reboot? If you wanted Harrison Ford to play Indiana Jones again, I think "pacing yourselves" is the last thing you should be doing. He's obviously not getting any younger and Ford as Indy was already pushing the limits back in 2008.

I said it before and I'll say it again. I adore Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. Second to probably Star Wars, those movies are the ones I've seen more than any others. But I also think James Bond fans got over the fact that Sean Connery couldn't be Bond forever.

Ideally, yes, the Indiana Jones series would be over. Case closed. Harrison Ford is Indy and that's that. But if Disney is absoultely, positively going to make another movie – and it sounds like that's the company's plan –  I would much rather see this generation of filmmakers tackle Indiana Jones with a new actor. Of course, the problem with that is Indy is so tied into history, the notion of a canon has to be thrown out the window. That I don't particularly like. But, again, it's the lesser of several evils.

What are your feelings about a new Indiana Jones movie?