Cool Stuff: 'Home Alone' Inspired Poster For 'Angels With Filthy Souls'

"Keep the change, ya filthy animal."

There's a moment with art when sometimes a lightbulb goes off in your head. You're looking at a piece and then, BING, you get it. It's not obvious but you get it. Personally, those are my favorite kinds of pieces, especially in pop culture art. If someone sees a piece of art and we both get it, odds are we have lots in common.

With the holidays coming up, artist Matt Ryan has created an awesome example of this. He's releasing a poster for Angels With Filthy Souls. Now, that's not a real movie but fans know what it is. It's a movie that was made inside the movie Home Alone. And once you get that, this poster blossoms because it's packed with clever references to that blockbuster hit.

Matt Ryan's Angels With Filthy Souls poster is on sale as a timed edition now through Wednesday December 10. Check it out below.

Here's Matt Ryan's Angels With Filthy Souls poster. Click to make it larger.

Matt Ryan - Angels With Filthy Souls poster

Matt Ryan - Angels With Filthy Souls

To buy a copy, visit this site.

If you look at the poster in detail, you start to see all the Home Alone references. Almost every single thing in the poster is a Home Alone reference. The rating is R for "Rubbish. The newspaper is from the movie, the fallen statue, the snowglobe, his pen is a toothbrush, Harry and Marv getting hit with swinging things, a photo of Buzz's girlfriend (woof), "Les Incompetents" is the quote from his sister, "Shovel Slayer" is a reference to the old man, there's a tarantula on the chair, the broken ornaments. I could go on and on. Ryan says on his site that there are 25 references in total, maybe of them you can't see online cause the image isn't big enough. But still, this is an awesome poster.