Watch The First Five 'Star Wars Rebels' Episodes Free Online Until December 7th

There's a lot of excitement surrounding Star Wars right now, mostly because of The Force Awakens teaser trailer hitting theaters on Friday (Don't sleep on the spin-off news either). With that going on, it's easy forget, for the past few weeks, brand new Star Wars content has been on your TV every single week.

Star Wars Rebels airs a new episode tonight, November 24, before going on a short hiatus for the holiday. If you haven't kept up with the show here are two important pieces of information. 1. You're missing out on some awesome, myth building Star Wars action and 2. You can watch the bulk of them, for free, online right now. Read more about the free Star Wars Rebels streaming below.

The official Star Wars website has the first five episodes of Star Wars Rebels streaming right now. They're available through December 7. There have been eight episodes in total, including the premiere episode, which is available here. The ones that aren't here are Out of Darkness, Empire Day and Gathering Forces.

Here's Star Wars Rebels Spark of Rebellion

Spark of Rebellion – Star Wars Rebels Full Episode on Disney VideoDroids In Distress

Droids in Distress – Star Wars Rebels Full Episode on Disney VideoFighter Flight

Fighter Flight – Star Wars Rebels Full Episode on Disney VideoRise of the Old Masters

Rise of the Old Masters – Star Wars Rebels Full Episode on Disney VideoBreaking Ranks

Breaking Ranks – Star Wars Rebels Full Episode on Disney Video

If you have to watch just one of these episodes, and it's not the pilot, I'd recommend Rise of the Old Masters. Besides having the most action of the episodes – ie – lightsaber fights – it also has some very interesting Star Wars history revolving around dead Jedi, the new Inquisitor and more.

To be honest though, the whole show is like that. Not every episode has links to the Star Wars you know and love, but it always feels like the Star Wars you know and love.

Are you keeping up with Star Wars Rebels?