10 Star Wars Mysteries The Stand Alone Films Could Answer

We don't know what the Star Wars stand alone movies are going to be about. Initially, there was the belief these films, which Disney will release between the regular episode installments, would be origin story stories. Rumors focused heavily on Han Solo, Boba Fett and Yoda. As time moves on, however, that seems less and less likely. Now, the more rumblings you hear about the Star Wars stand alone films, the more it seems like they're going to be stories that live between the other films both on the release calendar and in the Star Wars canon. They may tell stories about smaller, tangential characters that expand and enhance the Episodes. They may even solve some of the unsolved mysteries of the Star Wars universe.

Now, to be fair, we can't be sure this is the case. For all we know, director Gareth Edwards and writer Gary Whitta will release an origin film as the first stand-alone project on December 16, 2016. But that's probably not going to happen. No matter what their film or Josh Trank's 2018 film is, we have a bunch of Star Wars mysteries we think would make good stand alone movies at some point down the road.

Note: Some of these were definitely answered in the Expanded Universe, but since those stories are no longer canon, we're going to ignore that. Also, we've tried to avoid any kind of story that would need younger versions of iconic Star Wars actors.

How'd the Rebel Alliance get the Death Star plans?

In both A New Hope and Return of the Jedi, we tangentially hear about how people working for the Rebel Alliance stole vital information from the Empire about both Death Stars. Now, you have to imagine the plans stored in R2-D2 that set the entire story in motion must have had some kind of exciting, Ocean's Eleven type heist story behind their capture. And the "many Bothans" who died to bring the Rebels the plans of the second Death Star is probably something similar. Telling either of these stories, especially the story behind the first Death Star plans, would provide information essential to the fabric of the Star Wars universe. Obviously, some of this could be covered in Star Wars Rebels, but it seems a bit too important for the small screen.

What's the history of the Millennium Falcon?

We don't know a lot about the Millennium Falcon. We know it was Lando Calrissian's ship before Han Solo won it from him via some kind of gambling. We know it made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs and that mynocks think it's delicious. But a ship that changes owners so frequently and has all these records probably has an interesting history. A history that might be worth telling. Where was the ship built? Who was the first owner? Are there others like it? I want to know everything.

Did Boba Fett get out of the Sarlacc Pit?

With so much discussion about a possible Boba Fett origin film, we've largely ignored the obvious way to take his story. Could he actually be alive at the beginning of The Force Awakens? What would you say to a Boba Fett movie that starts with the iconic Bounty Hunter in the bowls of the Sarlacc Pit, he gets out, and finds that the galaxy he once knew has changed forever. What is a bounty hunter to do? In fact, all the other bounty hunters – IG-88, Bossk, etc – are characters ripe to be used in stand-alone movies. In addition, this film could show what Darth Vader meant when he told Fett "No disintegrations." (Note: George Lucas has said he got out, but we never saw it, so not canon yet.)

What did Obi-Wan Kenobi do while on Tatooine?

Okay, this is a bit of a cheat because it's already been a rumor for a stand alone. But it's such a good idea. At the end of Revenge of the Sith, Obi-wan Kenobi drops little Luke Skywalker off with his Aunt and Uncle, only to be seen decades later when R2-D2 goes running off. Sure there's a chance he stayed in a hutt all this time and became a "crazy old hermit." But maybe he spied on Luke and Leia as they were growing up. Maybe he was in contact with Yoda. Maybe he visited Mos Eisley once in a while for some blue milk. Who knows, but it would be cool to find out.

How did Jabba the Hutt become so powerful?

You're Jabba the Hutt, a slug with big head, small tail and huge ambition. How do you go from a little one to Pod Race grandmaster and, finally, the most powerful gangster in the universe? Sounds like an almost Scarface, Michael Corleone rise to power if you ask me. Plus, if you add in the fact all of the Hutts are considered gangsters, you've got the building blocks for an epic, Star Wars crime saga with one family rising to power in the criminal underground. On a technical level, this might be a little difficult, especially since the Hutt's move slow and don't speak English, but there are definitely some stories to be told about their rise to power.

How was the Force discovered?

Who was the first Jedi? The first person to realize, "Oh man, I can control my surroundings with my mind." A story about the discovery of the Force, and the earliest creation of the Jedi, could be incredible. Who was the first person to say "May the Force be with you," who did they say it to and what was the response? The possibilities here boggle the mind, but here's an easy one. An almost Biblical story of siblings who both realize they can do incredible things. As they grow up one uses it for good, the other for evil. The result is a story that tells the rise of the Jedi, the birth of the Sith, and the discovery of the Force all in one.

Could Darth Plagueis really conquer death?

In Revenge of the Sith, part of the carrot Palpatine dangles at Anakin is that a Sith named Darth Plagueis was able to use the Force in a such a way, he could cheat death. I'd love to know if Palpatine was lying and, if not, what is Darth Plagueis' story? I know some of his history has been eluded to in several works but this sounds like a dark story with some very interesting ramifications on the rest of the galaxy. I feel like telling this story would give the Sith a deeper historical context but also show all aspects of the Force.

How Did Biggs Darklighter Become An X-Wing Fighter?

Here's what we know about Luke's friend Biggs. He lived on Tatooine with Luke, went into the Rebel Alliance, became an X-Wing Fighter and then heroically died attacking the first Death Star. This one might be tricky from an actor standpoint, but I'd love to see Biggs's story. Sort of a Full Metal Jacket story set in the Star Wars universe, showing what it took for a boy to go to war and become a man. Surely he faced trials, tribulations and adventures alone the way. Also, I've also love to also see this story from the Imperial perspective too. So maybe a dual story of Biggs growing up along with the Tie Fighter pilot who ends up shooting him down in battle. They never met but their lives were destined to come together.

Where did the Prophecy come from?

The Jedi love talking about the prophecy of the one who'll bring balance to the Force. They believe it's this...boy. But where did that idea come from? Who was the first person to say it and what spanwed it? This is a deep, Jedi history story with the keepers of peace in the galaxy living in peace but knowing something evil is rising on the horizon. You'd imagine the stand alones will avoid almost any and all prequel references but this feels like an essential nugget, especially since it ties into the fates of the Skywalker family.

Why did the Rebels Desert their base on Dantooine? 

From what we can tell, Star Wars Rebels is going to get into the creation of the Rebel Alliance. But if the crew of the Ghost remains on the outskirts of the main leadership – the one that included Bail Organa and Princess Leia – this film could show how they created some of their bases. Specifically, the base on Dantooine that Princess Leia tells Grand Moff Tarkin about. Why did they move from there? It seems like they were pretty well hidden until they stole the plans. The film would start with the creation of that base, tell the story of how they got there, then end with them leaving and moving to Yavin.


Will any of these end up as stand alone films? I'd bet at least one or two get touched upon. I also wouldn't bet against new characters we meet in the upcoming saga getting movies to expand them. Never the less, which of these movies would you like to see most and do you have any other additions?