'Star Wars Episode 7' Title Predicted By Forum Post In 2012; Watch The 2006 Fan Film 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Millions of voices that had been crying out guesses were suddenly silenced yesterday when Lucasfilm finally, officially announced the name of the new Star Wars movie: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And then those voices immediately piped up again with snarky jokes, because the Internet will never not judge something a full year early.

But amid all the wild speculation of the past couple of years, it turns out there were at least a few people who were right on the money. One Star Wars fan correctly guessed the title back in December 2012. And another had made a fan film called Star Wars: The Force Awakens way back 2006, before we even knew the was going to be a Star Wars movie to name. Watch the Force Awakens fan film, and read the 2012 guesser's comments on the Star Wars Episode 7 title announcement, after the jump.

Star Wars The Force Awakens forum guessTheForce.net subsequently reached out to her yesterday, and discovered she didn't even remember she'd made that guess. Here's her response:

I'm in love with Star Wars, PT and OT. I do not follow any of the EU. So my "knowledge" of the SW universe is really limited to the 6 movies and the recent tv shows.

Ultimately this was a random guess. No inside info or connection to Lucas. But to me it seemed logical that the first movie in this trilogy would need to address the force. I'm a believer that the movie titles in each trilogy closely relate and I suspect this will carry over for the ST.

So I knew it was going to be 3 words, and the force. I also know that the wording would be vague/ambiguous/old fashioned like all the other six movie titles.

The Phantom Menace (something is wrong with the force), A New Hope (something is helping) and The Force Awakens (It's BACK BABY). I LOVE IT.

THANK YOU, for bringing this to my attention. Even though I was of course pleased with the name, I totally forgot I came up with it first!

But Queen Gimmedala wasn't the first to come up with that name. In 2006, Dan Lalonde made a goofy fan film that just so happened to get the Star Wars Episode 7 title right. Remember, this was before Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm and therefore before anyone knew for sure more Star Wars films were coming.

The plot synopsis for his version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens reads as follows: "It takes place in modern day and is about a Jedi who unleashes the Force and goes mad from it becoming a recluse like Howard Hughes." You can watch the trailer for his movie below.

Lalonde seemed amused by coincidence. "My movie is kind of crappy, to be honest, which makes it even more funny," he told Yahoo. "It is pretty awesome, though, to have come up with the title." As for how he got that tile, "It pretty much just came to me," Lalonde explained. "I thought, hey, he's awakening the force by stopping the giant meteor coming at him."

Disney's Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens December 18, 2015. It might not be the first movie to have that name, but we're pretty sure having an opening weekend gross that rivals the annual GDP of some small countries will more than make up for it.