Cool Stuff: Someone Built A Flying DeLorean From 'Back To The Future' As A Quadcopter [Video]

There are few things cooler than people turning Back to the Future in reality. Be it a Hoverboard, pair of Nikes or Lego creation, fans of the trilogy love to get inspired to own a piece of the film.

In 2011, a video hit YouTube of a fan who had created an actual flying DeLorean from Back to the Future. Now, it's on a much smaller scale, and they're using four fans, but it's a pretty excellent creation anyway. Check out the video below.

Thanks to Geeks Are Sexy for making us aware of this video. It's got over a million views in the last three years, but we hadn't seen it, so maybe you hadn't either.

Back to the Future Flying Delorean Quadcopter

The YouTube user, native118, also uploaded this video to show exactly how he made it.